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Choose one of our services to best suit your health and fitness goals!


Phoenix Membership 

$64.99/Month plus HST  (open gym only)

For those who prefer to fly solo, or work irregular hours. This is our basic membership, and will give you key-fob access to our facility and equipment between the Scheduled Open Gym Hours, 7 days a week. Limited memberships available. 

CrossFit Class Memberships 

Applicable for those 15+ (with exceptions), our Functional Fitness classes really are for EVERYONE. Our unique programming of real life movements, and skills, with a focus on proper technique - will improve your life at home, work, or for your sport. Specifically, we will practice functional lifting, using equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. Moreover, we will train the basic skills of gymnastics like pull ups, push ups, rope climbs and other body weight exercises. We will mix these elements in countless combinations with airbikes, running, rowers, and skipping to deliver an ever changing and challenging group fitness experience. We've created a welcoming COMMUNITY of hard working people who wish to better themselves and we want you to be a part of this movement! Our team of professional coaches scale the load and intensity of each workout to suit your individual fitness needs and ensure you move better than you ever have before!


GoldenPhoenix Membership 

$109.99/Month plus HST

(unlimited class only)

Golden Phoenix's fly together. With this, you will gain full access to all of our CrossFit classes and become a part of an incredible community of hard working people. 

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CrimsonPhoenix Membership 

$149.99/Month plus HST

(unlimited class & open gym)

You are part of the flock, but sometimes venture out on your own. For those who enjoy classes, but need the option to workout outside of class times. This will allow you to attend to all CrossFit classes, as well as key-fob access to our open gym scheduled times. 

DiamondPhoenix Membership 

Bird Diamond.png

$169.99/Month plus HST

(unlimited class & nutrition)

Unlimited CrossFit Class Membership + Nutrition Counselling

IronPhoenix Membership 


$199.99/Month plus HST

(unlim. class, open gym, & nutrition)

You are leading the flight, and wish to discover the best and strongest version of yourself. This will give you access to all of our CrossFit classes, open gym, and our personalized nutrition counselling with one of our certified coaches.


Team & Sport Specific Training

Looking to bring your team to the next level? We are the official training facility of The Mooretown Flags, Sturgeons, Junior Sting, Sarnia Brigade and the Vancouver White Caps-London Affiliate. We offer sports specific training for hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby, football, and many more. We pride ourselves on teaching young and mature athletes alike proper movement technique and reaching a sport specific stimulus for each workout. Whether it’s in a team/class setting, small group training, or 1-on-1, we can accommodate you and your teams dry-land training needs!

Second Wind (55+)

Second Wind will help those 55+ focus on balance, strength, and coordination. We will work to improve your overall quality of life, mirroring everyday actions, with added accessory exercises to help strengthen the muscles that perform them. Tasks such as stairs, walking, and bending over are often taken for granted. If not practiced and trained they can lead to injury or falls later in life. Thats where we come in.

Olympic Weightlifting

The Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all of their related lifts are the most technical weightlifting movements in fitness. We offer Olympic Lifting specific classes once a week and will be expanding on this program in the new year. We also offer one on one, and group sessions for new and beginner weightlifters at any age. Our coaches have several years’ experience in the coaching as well as the practice of these lifts on a recreational and competitive level. We are looking for those eager to learn or compete in Olympic Lifting or anyone looking to improve strength, technique, understanding, efficiency, and coordination in the lifts.

Other Services 

-Nutrition Counselling 
-Personal Training 
-Online Customized Programming 
-Competitive Functional Fitness Coaching (youth & mature)

Additional Info

Looking for a more personal approach?

Don't sweat it! Work One on One with a Phoenix Coach and we will discuss the appropriate steps and road map to YOUR goals and lifestyle. 

Drop In

Looking to test the fire of one of our classes or open gym? Drop-Ins are $15 (Tax Included) per visit, or buy 9, get 1 FREE. Ask us in store for a drop-in card!

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