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Rise Together!

The trans-formative learning experiences at Phoenix Fitness & Performance are designed to help our members grow both in and out of the gym. Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced veteran, each class is structured to allow optimal coaching time for you to learn technique and refine functional movements. Metabolic conditioning, strength training, and gymnastics are major components of our foundation when it comes to programming. The approach is to apply these properly to achieve the right stimulus for each individuals needs. 

Our facility is housed in the heart of Sarnia, minutes away from Lambton College, and the mall. We are equipped with a Rogue Fitness rig, 600+ft of training turf, weightlifting barbells, Concept2 equipment, plyo boxes, kettlebells, climbing ropes and much more! Suitable for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. We are the most inclusive hardworking community and we are waiting for you!!

Contact us to book an introductory session or a free trial class!


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